Let me introduce you an interesting musical creative unit and personality - Yeung Human. Yeung Human is an American music producer, sound designer, arranger, beatmaker, and musician. 
Chris (the birth name of Yeung Human) began his career as a drummer back in 2007 and his passion for drums continues to this day. That is why he puts a lot of emphasis on drums in his compositions. Such styles as EDM, Drum and Bass, Hip-hop, Trap prevail in his music tracks, even though he uses other styles as well.
   His futuristic rhythms and affection for drums distinguish his music and are the hallmark of his approach. Of course, Chris (YH)  does not stand still and constantly experiments and improves his skills.
I am amazed at the hard work and passion with which Yeung Human approaches creation of music. There are already several full-fledged instrumental album releases in his collection!
In addition, he founded his own record label and a Metal band 'North Star the Wanderer' based in Boston.
I admire musicians whose passion for what they love is so great and Yeung Human is one of them. So if you have a preference for ultra modern and energetic musical directions such as Trap-hop and EDM then you should pay attention to Chris's (YH) latest instrumental album called 'YHRX'.
You can find Yeung Human on
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