If you dream of finding inner peace and plunging into a state of relaxation and meditation, then I recommend that you listen to music from French composer Raf 21 (Raphael Beaudon). His contemporary music combines various styles such as electronic, soundtrack, new age, ambient, trance, and neo classical.​​​​​
   The most popular release to date by the independent composer "SLEEP" was released on March of 2021, and it clearly has the space theme in it. Smooth harmonic transitions combined with a lot of pads and spatial effects and simple melodies make this music truly mesmerizing. But most importantly, it really helps to relax and enter a state of meditation and sleep (tested on myself).
According to the author himself:
"It was composed to fall asleep easily and quickly. There are 3 tracks, 3 durations to fall asleep (3, 6 and 10 minutes), using music in 432 Hz, which would facilitate the relaxation. No melody in the track, to not disturb people in the sleeping process (like "Weightless" by Union Marconi)." - Raphael Beaudon
A new release - "RELAX TIME" - is more down-to-earth. It has a nice naive melody, played with a guitar with deep pads behind. The melody - unsurprisingly - transports the listener who ends up forgetting to let go of his thoughts. There is a version with birds in the background and a version without.​​​​​​​
The latest release by the author dated November 4, 2021 is a light winter piano sketch and will appeal to those who prefer neo classics.
You can find Raphael Beaudon on​​​​​​​
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