I love listening to Mokita!
About six months ago I became a fan of this completely new to me pop music artist.
I listen to his songs every day since then: in the car, when I take my son to kindergarten. I listen to his songs when I want to relax and even when I take a bubble bath. :)
Mokita (John-Luke Carter) is an American born singer, songwriter, and music producer. His music is really good. I think it has the highest level of music production: it sounds complicated, modern, cool, and very delicious to me.

'Colorblind' is one of my favorite songs by Mokita​​​​​​​

"My hope with this song was that it would help people who battle with depression to be open about it, and understand that it’s okay to not feel normal. That it’s okay to feel overwhelmed.” – Mokita
And like most girls, I love the soulful and warm male voices. But what is also valuable to me in this artist is that he composes his own songs and arrangements that are catchy. He began his musical career by playing the piano and also he's learned to play the guitar himself (it's funny that I and him are alike in this sense). 
His songs are so touching, and the lyrics seem to come from the heart. His songs inspire me a lot, and I hope that someday I will also be able to make such powerful music production. Or even we will be able to make a musical collaboration? Oh, dreams-dreams... although, who knows, right? ;) 
So, my dear listeners and readers, if you have never heard of this artist before, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with his works. 
My favourite songs of Mokita are below:
You can find Mokita on
Have a nice day!
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