This is Thexele's second pop single. It was written recorded and produced in Phuket. The song is filled with romance. Gentle, lyrical, and at the same time powerful in instrumental and vocal, this music will appeal to fans of light pop rock and indie pop. 
If you want to download this song and listen it offline you can buy it in the best audio formats on Bandcamp
"This release is my brainchild from start to finish. This time I want to open up the theme of breakup. Many couples break up and people become lonely.
In this song, I wanted to convey these contradictory feelings of the heroine being between a rock and a hard place. She can't decide whether to stay with him or not. I think that any listener will be able to understand this story in his own way, and this is the point of this work. I will be happy with your interpretations. Send them to me by mail or on social networks please.​​​​​​​
Wish to all the love!" - Thexele
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