Thexele also known as Elena Selezneva was born and raised in Russia 14 October 1988.  
She is based in Phuket, Thailand with her family.
With a craving for the arts and all things beautiful since birth, Thexele has spent all of her life performing as a multi-talented artist and creative. Dreaming of becoming a pianist since she was 3 years old, at age 16 she began composing music using her first synthesizer and hasn't stopped since!
Her debut single "You're Always On My Mind" was officially released in 21 November 2020. Before that, Thexele wrote entirely instrumental music.
Now working on her vocal development and expression, Thexele continues raising her voice and write new songs as a songwriter to be the creative artist she naturally is.
Thexele: "Music is a light of my life!"​​​​​​​
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