A powerful composition from a rising artist Alessandra Boldrini with her latest pop single "HOLIDAY"
Alessandra is a native of Italy, and since childhood, her craving for creativity has motivated her to follow this path. At 16 she moved to Britain to study at the Irish British College of Music and for a BBS degree.
The track "Holiday" is a mixture of excellent musical production of commercial pop, as well as her outstanding vocal skills. This release has been made in the spirit of artists such as Dua Lipa, Nono, Mabel, and Clean Bandit. 
Even though the creation of the track is based on a challenging situation the artist experienced in her life, the track turned out to be positive and danceable, forcing you to move to the beat of the music and distract from negative thoughts, just enjoying the singer's voice, the beat, and the song in general.
The singer shares:
“I wrote "Holiday” when I was coming out from a very low period of my life spent struggling with my mental health. I wanted people to know that it's normal to feel down at times, but these times will not last forever. Tough times don't last; tough people do! When I wrote "Holiday", I was coming off my medications, and I felt myself again after a very long time. I felt enthusiastic, happy and excited to “be back”.
The confession of the performer resonates with me very much. It is an inspiration and a motivation for everyone. I wish Alessandra to keep following her dream, because she deserves it, and this release proves it perfectly!


Alessandra Boldrini on
I wish you a great day, dear readers, and listeners!
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